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제목 North Korea Today No. 219 - Sep 2008
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North Korea Today No. 219 - Sep 2008

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Blamed For Other Thefts after Two Thefts

Cast steel ironworkers of Gimchaek Steel Mill in Chungjin City, North Hamgyong Province, were caught after two consecutive thefts. Earlier, they had traded 60 square meter of iron plate for 250 kg of flour, but on August 19, the security patrol caught them stealing once again in the same manner. Gimchaek Steel Mill was producing 400 square meter of iron plate for the National Defense Committee and there had been 18 thefts already. Seven people caught this time are likely to be charged for all these previous thefts even though they were only involved in the last two. Many officials actually sort of allowed people to steal because they understood how serious the food situation was. However, none of the officials came out saying they were involved. Co-workers said, "Being charged for all other thefts is too harsh." Department of Security said, "We will know if they are responsible for all others when the investigation is over."  

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